Adjusting your driving to a ‘dream machine’

Adjusting your driving to a 'dream machine' 23rd June 2014

There sometimes comes a point in a driver's life when they decide to trade in their economy car for the fast vehicle that they have always wanted. However, these dream machines could mean that they may need to change up their driving style a bit to get the best out of these cars when on the road.

It seems that the desire for such cars as Ferrari and Lamborghini models has resulted in them retaining their values fairly well when drivers come to sell them on.

This is according to figures from CAP Automotive, which found that these cars outperformed family cars when it came to selling them second hand.

At a time when British motorists are trying to spend as little as possible on running costs for their vehicles, values have soared for second hand cars such as the Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari F430 Scuderia.

Explaining this trend, a former Ferrari dealer, Clive Wilson, told CAP: "These cars, and their customers, seem to be largely immune from pressures which see so many of us now focusing ever more closely on the running costs of the cars we drive."

When asked which were his favourites, Mr Wilson said: “This is such a specialist field that you would be arguing forever about the ‘best’ cars of this type. It is simply not possible to crown one model over all the others, but two models I personally love are the Ferrari F430 Scuderia and the Lamborghini Aventador.”

There are some differences to take into account when switching from a family car to a supercar, however. One of the main things to consider, of course, if the amount of power that you get behind a supercar.

Be more gentle when accelerating in a supercar as these will take off much faster than a typical economy car.

Keep a watchful eye on the speedometer too as these cars are designed to reach much higher speeds. As such, it is easy to find yourself far exceeding the speed limit without even noticing.

Posted by Danielle Barge