ATS Euromaster launches wheel security training DVD

20th September 2012

ATS Euromaster is championing the importance of wheel security with the release of a training DVD for its technicians.

The new DVD demonstrates best practices for keeping wheels secure, covering the correct procedures for preparing, removing, inspecting and fitting the most common types of commercial vehicle wheels.

Used as part of specific ATS Euromaster technician training courses, the interactive learning tool is being rolled out to over 2,000 employees nationwide, furthering our campaign to ensure consistency in knowledge and skills at all levels of the workforce.

"It’s one thing to say that correct re-torque procedures are crucial after a new tyre has been fitted," says Peter Fairlie, group sales director at ATS Euromaster.

"But this DVD helps us demonstrate the real dangers of not following procedures, on the road."

He added that it forms an integral part of ATS Euromaster's 'Safe by Choice' programme, which aims to make safety a personal choice among staff and encourage them to be more generally safety-conscious .

It has even been revealed that the DVD will feature footage of a stationary vehicle being struck by a truck tyre at 40mph, in order to illustrate the damage this causes and the related danger of wheel loss.

There are 15 steps to correctly replace a wheel – following correct procedures helps to avoid damage to vehicles, downtime, missed loads, prohibition notices, operating license penalties, damage to property, the possibility of criminal prosecution and, most importantly, personal injury and even death.

The recent experience of Labour MP John Mann spotlighted the issue, after he drove 200 miles without wheel nuts on his car tyres, nearly causing one of his car wheels to fall off.

The MP made the shocking discovery after driving between London and his constituency of Bassetlaw, Nottinghamshire, and believes the nuts had probably been removed as part of an interrupted attempt to steal his tyres.

His front wheels had lost their wheel nuts and all four locking nuts had been taken from each of his tyres. The perpetrator had even replaced the wheel hubs to hide the theft.

"The consequences of this madness does not bear thinking about. I and others could easily have been killed," he said.

Mr Mann also called on motoring groups to audit their security devices, as only registered garages have the correct equipment to remove locking wheel nuts. However, it is possible a copy could have been used by the culprit.

Drivers concerned about the security of their vehicle are advised to make sure they are fitted with lockable wheel nuts, which in most cases are a very effective deterrent against wheel theft.

Mr Mann's experience also raises the idea that vehicles should be kept in a secure space such as a garage if possible. Keeping a regular eye on your wheels, hubcaps and tyres for signs of tampering is also recommended.

Finally, if your wheels have seen better days the intelligent thing to do is to bring them to a qualified and trusted repair centre or mechanic to be examined. Maintenance work, wheel alignment correction or something as straightforward as new tyres could make an enormous difference to both your safety and the running condition of your motor.

Seeking tyre help and advice? Look no further than ATS Euromaster.

Posted by Danielle Barge