ATS Euromaster signs deal with Commercial Vehicle Solutions

17th December 2012

ATS Euromaster has signed a deal to provide tyres to Derbyshire-based Commercial Vehicle Solutions (CVS). The agreement will see ATS supplying and servicing all of the 2,300 CVS fleet of light commercial vehicle and heavy trucks.

A demonstration by ATS Euromaster showing the steps that technicians take in order to maximise tyre longevity for customers was one the main factors that sealed the deal. The agreement means that ATS will administer a programme of routine fleet inspections and, to optimise efficiency, tyres will be regrooved, twinned and turned on the rim.

Peter Findlay, General Manager for Fleet Operations at CVS, said:

“Cost is always a major player in any tender process, but what impressed us with ATS was their commitment to extracting the maximum life out of every tyre on our fleet, plus the benefits of the fleet inspections from a safety perspective. It’s another area where we are adding value for customers.”

He added that as long as ATS continues to perform at a high standard, the contract worth hundreds of thousands of pounds will be renewed annually.

The CVS fleet has at its disposal 1,380 Ford Peugeot and Mercedes-Benz light commercial vehicles and 920 heavy trucks from Renault, MAN, and Mercedes-Benz. The company hires vehicles on a long and short-term basis, and provides services for some of the biggest names in road transport, such as Norbert Dentressangle, C BUTT and The Lloyd Fraser Group.    

Mark White, ATS Euromaster Regional Sales Manager, said he was “very proud” of the way his team went about securing the business of CVS.

“People tend to think sales is all about coming up with the lowest number, but there is a lot of heart involved too, and we are proud to be giving CVS the best service,” Mr White said. “It’s good for them, and it’s good for us – and it’s a perfect example of how service is at the heart of everything we do.”

ATS will now move the great majority of its service delivery and reporting to an online platform, as per the terms of the agreement. This includes service and defect sheets, fleet checks and invoicing.

The deal will see ATS fitting mostly Avon tyres to light and commercial vehicles, with Taurus and Encore being the preferred tyres for trucks. Another benefit for CVS will be access to ATS’ 24/7 roadside rapid response service.

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