ATS Euromaster unlikely to ‘tyre’ during Olympics, says Hufflet

13th March 2012

ATS Euromaster is confident of rising to the challenge of supplying motorists and fleet vehicles with new tyres during the Olympics.

That is according to Chris Hufflet, group operations director at ATS Euromaster, who was speaking as the firm completed its final preparations for the London Olympics.

The tyre deals specialist is hoping that the range of measure planned by the firm for the period will ensure customers in areas affected by the games are able to access their services.

ATS Euromaster has three tyre and MOT centres within six miles of the Olympic Park in Stratford, with a total of 15 centres located within the M25.

With traffic likely to peak around mid-August, the firm is eager to ensure that if drivers do suffer punctures to tyres or damage to vehicle parts like exhausts, they can easily reach an ATS centre.

Mr Hufflett said: “The scale of these games will be unprecedented for the UK and this makes planning essential."

“We’ve been developing our service delivery strategy for more than a year and we’re confident we’ll be able to offer fleets the best possible support," he added.

Its team of fleet inspectors in London is set to be bolstered across May and June while extra tyre technicians from outside London are also being drafted into the capital.

Coupled with this, many centres will be offering night-shift services while a team of mobile technicians will be on hand to provide roadside assistance.

Posted by Danielle Barge