Be vigilant when buying cars, police warn

7th August 2012

Police officials are calling on motorists buying cars to be vigilant before making a purchase and check all documents thoroughly.

Assessing car parts like tyres prior to making a purchase is fairly commonplace among drivers in the UK.

However in many instances would-be car buyers will overlook a thorough examination of documents such as MOT certificates and tax discs.

This was the case in a number of cases reported in the Stockton and Durham areas of the north east this week.

According to the Hartlepool Mail, a number of cars were sold with photocopied MOT certificates and tampered tax discs.

Speaking to the news provider, PC Lee Benson of Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, warned: “When buying cars, especially old cars, they [drivers] need to be vigilant and check the documents thoroughly.

”By going to the website, and using the digits on the MOT certificate, you are able to check that the certificate is genuine.”

The warning follows similar advice from HPI which called on car buyers to stay vigilant of second-hand cars that may be cut'n'shut models.

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Posted by Danielle Barge