Boot storage burning fuel

31st December 2012

Those of us who use cars as a space to store things are wasting fuel, a report has found.

In research carried out by YouGov for Shell, one in ten of those interviewed admitted they have never cleared out their boot. Almost a quarter said that they purposefully use their car as a permanent storage space.

With Christmas coming to an end, the season of excess has left a lot of people needing to save money. Having a sort out of unnecessary clutter in your vehicle is a simple way to stop you spending so much at the pumps.

Respondents listed items such as: tools (43 per cent); wellington boots and outdoor clothing (27 per cent); gym bag, sports equipment and golf clubs (11 per cent); pushchair and baby essentials (nine per cent) and pairs of shoes (nine per cent).

To attempt to tackle this, Shell has recently released its ‘Target One Million’ programme, which intends to change the habits of motorists worldwide so that they can save on fuel.

With the intention to help a million motorists, the campaign uses online mini-games and interactive diagrams to educate drivers.

Motoring journalist and ambassador for Shell FuelSave Quentin Wilson said: "It's amazing that so many of us are carrying around unnecessary items in our boots, meaning we're wasting fuel and money every time we drive.

“The Target One Million mini-games are a fun and quick way for British drivers to learn how to drive more efficiently and reduce their fuel costs. Saving fuel can be really easy once you know how."

Other methods that Shell suggests to save fuel include easy changes such as changing the pressure of your tyres.

According to the fuel giant, not only does having properly inflated tyres mean that they last longer and are safer, but that they also increase fuel economy by up to ten per cent.

Making sure that your car engine is well kept is also essential for saving on fuel. Changing the oil and replacing clogged air filters will also save some damage to your bank account.

ATS Euromaster offer free tyre checks and free vehicle health checks at the centres across the UK. With their expert advice they could help make sure your vehicle is running to its full efficiency.

The tyre specialists also offer an extensive range of cold weather tyres. During the colder months, winter tyres offer improved grip and handling on the road and improve fuel efficiency.

It is not just the boot that may be subject to unnecessary extra weight. Clear the back seat of any extra items, and remove your roof rack when it is not in use. Not only do roof racks add extra weight, but they also reduce how aerodynamic your car is. This extra drag factor, however small, adds more pennies at the fuel pump.

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Posted by YouGov finds many drivers use their car as a permanent storage space