Can young drivers change a tyre?

Can young drivers change a tyre? 21st May 2014

If a driver finds themselves caught out at the roadside with a flat tyre, the quickest way to get going again is if they change it themselves. However, how many young drivers possess the skill to complete this task themselves?

According to a study by, it seems like there is a majority of people between the ages of 18 and 24 who would not be able to change a tyre at the roadside if they needed to.

The firm surveyed a total of 1,000 people in this age group, asking them the simple question of "do you know how to change a car tyre?" It found that 54.5 per cent said that they did not know how to do so.

To find out why this was, Intelligent Car Leasing asked a small sample of people in this demographic as to why they may not be able to change a tyre.

Among the reasons given why young drivers may not know how to change a tyre is that breakdown cover tends to be included within many insurance policies. As a result, many believe it is easier to call someone out to replace a flat tyre than to learn how to do this themselves.

Another reason was that young drivers may never have been shown how to change a flat tyre. This is due to the fact that this skill is not part of the driving test and so they have never had a reason to learn how to do it.

Additionally, a number of cars come equipped with run-flat tyres so that if they do get a flat then they can keep driving for a certain distance before having to change it.

The results were also broken down according to gender and found that 57.1 per cent of males said that they could change a tyre while 66 per cent of females felt they could not.

It was suggested that this was due to the fact that there are more young male licence holders than females or because it may be more embarrassing for a male to have to admit that they are unable to change a tyre.

The study concluded: "Clearly we can see that in more than half of cases if an 18 to 24 year old was to find themselves in a situation that required a tyre to be replaced they’d need assistance. This is in some ways surprising as anecdotally more older drivers have this ability and the skill either hasn’t been passed on or learned by younger people yet."

If a driver does find that they need to change their tyre then they will need a jack and their spare handy. Once they have switched to their spare, however, they will need to get it replaced. By visiting their nearest ATS Euromaster centre, drivers can get a quote for the best tyres to suit them. While there, they can also get a free tyre safety check to make sure that all their tyres are in good working order.

Posted by Danielle Barge