Car parts distributor gives Michelin seal of approval

10th December 2012

Andrew Page, a leading car parts distributor, has praised the performance of Michelin tyres, choosing them as its first choice for tyre fitment.

On in-house tests conducted by the company, monitoring 100 vans over 12 months, results showed that Michelin tyres lasted up to 7,000 miles longer than other brands.

Nearly half of the company’s 1,100 vehicles are now fitted with Michelin tyres. Andrew Page purchases about 3,000 tyres a year, so conducted the study to determine whether it could reduce operating costs.

Fleet Manager Matthew Hanwell said: “We are keen to run the most efficient and eco-friendly fleet possible, and by increasing our fleet’s fitment of Michelin tyres we will achieve significantly more mileage and therefore use fewer tyres, which is better for the environment.”

Mr Hanwell also described how the new Michelin Energy Saver+ tyres have a low rolling resistance, so not only is the company saving money on tyres, but is also increasing its fuel economy – a bonus to its financial outgoings and the environment.

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Posted by Danielle Barge