Careful car loading for festival goers

Careful car loading for festival goers 28th July 2014

Festival season is well underway and music lovers will be gathering their friends, camping gear and other weekend-away-essentials as they travel to some field in the UK countryside to enjoy some of their favourite bands.

Part and parcel of the festival experience is for you and your friends to try and fit all your worldly possessions into one car. While this may feel like a large-scale game of tetris, with maximum discomfort for the passengers who have to ride in the back, you ought to bear in mind how much it is safe for you to carry in your car.

While overloading is not a problem that you might think about in the short term, it is something that can cause your car damage in the long run. Your tyres in particular can have their structural integrity damaged if your car is overloaded. The risk of damage is raised further if your tyres are not properly inflated. If you spot bulges, lumps or cuts following the drive then this could be why. Your chances of a blowout will also be raised.

What you need to do when loading your car is make sure you don't see the back of the vehicle sitting lower as this is a definite clue. Additionally, if you have put too much stuff in a roof box then you will find that your car is less stable when you are driving it.

Check over what you have packed and be sure to take out anything that you feel isn't really necessary. If your car is still overloaded that you and a friend should take two vehicles so you can split the amount you need to carry.

The other thing that may not immediately spring to mind when you and your friends are in the midst of loading up your car is how your luggage is likely to get in the way when you are driving. All too often, people end up filling the back of the car so high that they cannot see out of the back window. This is important to avoid as full visibility is crucial.

Posted by Danielle Barge