Check caravan tyres before going on holiday

Check caravan tyres before going on holiday 15th April 2014

With the Easter bank holiday being the first time that drivers will be able to take their caravans away with them, TyreSafe is reminding them of the importance of checking their tyres before heading out on their trips.

Due to the warmer weather and the fact that the Easter bank holiday falls late in the year, it is expected that there will be a high volume of cars on the road as people take the opportunity to go out on leisure trips. This means that many of the UK's 650,000 caravan and motorhome users may be on the roads.

TyreSafe explained that while caravans can sustain damage throughout the year, the first check after winter, when it will have had little or no use, is the most important.

Chairman of Tyre Safe Stuart Jackson said: “After the winter when they’ve often had little or no use, it’s essential that the vehicle’s tyres are checked thoroughly before use otherwise a number of potential safety hazards could bring an abrupt end a relaxing holiday.”

Drivers are encouraged to give the vehicles a visual check over. They should be on the look out for bulges, tears and lumps. This is as well as checking the sidewalls for cracks as this indicates aging.

They should also ensure that their tread depth is within the legal limits. It must be at least 1.6 mm across the central three-quarters of the tyre and drivers can check this by doing the 20p test. Drivers simply insert a 20 pence coin into several different points around their tyre tread and check to see if the outer band is visible; if it is, then the tread depth is below the legal limit.

Caravan owners may call in to their nearest ATS Euromaster centre to have their vehicle's tyres checked for free.

Mr Jackson added: “If you are in any doubt about tyre safety issues, don’t take any risks, seek professional advice to ensure your break isn’t brought to a premature end.”

Posted by Danielle Barge