Continental: EU tyre label does not do enough

2nd July 2012

Continental Tyres has hit out at the new labeling system set to be introduced on all compounds sold within the European Union (EU).

The new rules will see tyres provided with a grade for their effectiveness in three key criteria: wet grip, noise levels and rolling resistance.

However, a statement released by the Italian compound manufacturer has suggested that this new system may not go far enough in providing motorists with information on tyres.

"Continental considers the tyre label to be a real breakthrough in providing standard performance data to motorists," a statement said.

“However, the EU label only shows three of more than 14 important tyre performance criteria."

The company anticipates that tyre tests from magazines will continue to provide the key source of information to drivers, with reports likely to cover a wider range of factors.

These comments come as compound manufacturers begin the process of labelling tyres, ahead of the implementation of the new rules on November 1st.

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