Continental: New tyre legislation won’t change our principals

21st August 2012

With the latest tyre labelling guidance from the EU coming into force in just a few months, Continental has spoken candidly about the benefits and potential problems accompanying the new regulation for commercial vehicle tyres.

In an interview featured on, Herbert Mensching, managing director of sales and marketing at Continental's Commercial Vehicle Tyres unit, and Dr Frank Walloch, director of product development for commercial vehicle tyres EMEA, stated that while the new labelling scheme and its criteria are welcome, it will not alter the company's focus on customer-derived development priorities.

The new label uses three parameters to measure the performance of a tyre – fuel efficiency, wet grip and exterior noise.

The two men from Continental pointed out that the expectations of truck tyre customers are far broader than those of passenger car owners, with factors such as mileage, retreadability and how these relate to cost being significant considerations alongside the label's specific criteria.

Ultimately, they argued that seasoned truck tyre users can evaluate the effectiveness of their rubber outside narrow rating systems, and as such no major shifts in Continental's tyre development approach need to happen in response.

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