Don’t let your transmission break this summer

Don't let your transmission break this summer 26th June 2014

Nobody wants to have their summer road trip cut short by a failure in one part of their car and the transmission is one area where if it goes wrong then the car could become completely undriveable until they can get it fixed.

It is important for drivers to be aware of the kinds of problems they may encounter with their transmission, how they can avoid this and what to do in the event that it does happen to them.

One of the most common problems that is easily avoidable is trouble caused by low fluid levels. Transmission fluid can be depreciated by a leakage in the system, which could occur as a result of leaks in the seals or in the drive shaft.

Drivers can avoid this problem by having their fluid levels checked and replenished by an expert technician as part of a car service. They can also check transmission gasket seals and replace these if need be.

On occasion, transmission fluid may suffer cross-contamination from the coolant in the radiator but this is rare. However, the transmission may need to be completely flushed and refilled.

Issues with the clutch is another area that is among the most common transmission problems and is indeed one of the most noticeable.

Signs of clutch problems include a noticeably sharp drop in the power output from the engine of the car as well as violent shaking underneath the vehicle, which can also cause high heat levels in the transmission.

What is worse is that the clutch can jam, which can cause the solenoid to become locked and can result in a miscalculation of the amount of transmission fluid in the torque converter.

Indeed, the torque converter is one area that can be the cause of damage to the transmission or its failure. The most common problem in a torque converter is damaged needle bearings. A sign that this is occurring is if strange sounds can be heard coming from the transmission when changing gears.

Posted by Danielle Barge