Drivers keen to change vehicles after accidents

13th August 2013

Accidents on the road can happen at any time and often result in damage to the vehicles involved, ranging in severity.

A new survey published by Helphire has indicated that even when motorists suffer minor damage to their car they use it as an excuse to change their vehicle.

According to the firm, this means that 70,000 drivers could be replacing their car each year after being involved in a collision.

Drivers take the opportunity of an accident to replace their vehicle with a smaller model, with 80 per cent of motorists that received light damage downsizing.

Only when cars were written off did drivers decide to increase the size and specification of their vehicle, with 85 per cent using their insurance money to pick up a bigger model.

Jerome McManus, Helphire group’s marketing director, said: “As far as we can make out drivers feel their car is tainted once it has been damaged in an accident as 47 per cent admitted to not wanting it after it has been repaired."

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