Drivers take foot off accelerator to cut costs

3rd October 2012

Drivers are becoming more cautious on the roads in a bid to cut the ever-increasing cost of motoring, according to research conducted by Autoglass.

The windscreen specialists revealed that both men (45 per cent) and women (42 per cent) are taking their foot off the accelerator to save money at the pump.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the rising cost of petrol, some 56 per cent of those questioned said they wished their car was more fuel-efficient.

It seems that the expense of motoring, no doubt coupled with the stress of driving, was leading to dissatisfaction behind the wheel as 40 per cent of those questioned said they did not enjoy driving.
Research conducted by Kia has revealed the stress that parents, in particular, find the school run a stressful experience.

Of those questioned, some 50 per cent said that their offspring fight with one another while in the car.

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