EC to mediate Mercedes air conditioning coolant row

7th August 2013

The European Commission is set to mediate a row over the coolants used in the air conditioning units in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

According to the commission, it will ensure the impartiality of an analysis of the coolant, which will be carried out by Germany's motor vehicle department, the KBA, as well as offering technical support throughout the investigation.

A spokesman for Industry Commissioner Antonio Tajani told Reuters: "The main objective will be reassuring manufacturers and the consumers that all means were invested to ensure the principles of objectivity and transparency in the risk assessments."

The investigation into the Mercedes-Benz air conditioning coolants is taking place after French authorities banned the sale of its latest model as the properties of the substances do not meet a new EU directive on global warming.

Daimler, Mercedes-Benz parent company, has refused to phase out its R134a coolant due to the lack of a suitably safe replacement.

The current block on sales in France could see the German manufacturer miss out on around 29,000 vehicle sales.

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