Ford’s carbon fibre bonnet promises cost savings

10th October 2012

Car bonnets made of carbon fibre could be the future of motoring technology, as Ford has announced a prototype designed to cut fuel consumption.

The technology has not been rolled out to the mass market before as the cost of production has been prohibitive, although Ford claims to have solved this issue.

Inga Wehmeyer, advanced materials and processes research engineer at Ford's European research centre said: "By partnering with materials experts through the Hightech.NRW research project, Ford is working to develop a solution that supports cost efficient manufacturing of carbon fibre components."

Ford claims that the car bonnet is 50 per cent lighter than a standard model and it is working to reduce the time it takes to produce the individual components.

Cutting the weight of a vehicle only goes part of the way to reducing fuel consumption, steady driving and correctly inflated tyres can also help to lower the cost of motoring.

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