Four in ten caravanners have no tow training

24th July 2012

Motorists planning a caravan holiday must do more to brush up on their knowledge when it comes to towing, according to new research.

A study of more than 3,000 UK adults, which was conducted by Nissan and supported by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), found that as many as one in five towers in the UK have taken up the past time in the last six months.

Alarmingly, the research showed that out of every ten respondents who admitted to towing caravans, boats or trailers, four have never had training on how to do so safely.

One of the biggest areas of concern focused on motorists' general lack of knowledge when it comes to their vehicle's towing capabilities.

This can result in a whole host of problems with cars lacking the required power and torque to tow trailers. Worse still, a lack of experience on the road can result in other problems like caravan tyres becoming punctured.

Commenting on the research, IAM head of technical policy Tim Shallcross said: "With more ‘towers’ than ever hitting the roads this summer, it is essential drivers are up to speed with road safety.

"We encourage new and experienced ‘towers’ to ensure they are correctly informed as to their vehicle’s towing capabilities and to follow essential safety guidelines."

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