FTA calls for road penalty guidelines

19th August 2013

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has called for guidelines to be produced to enforce the new road penalties introduced last week.

Under the regulations, motorists will be punished for tailgating or hogging the middle lane of the motorway.

While the FTA and other organisations have welcomed the move, which has been designed to improve the experience of using the UK's roads, the former has claimed there is a danger of a postcode lottery developing in terms of the enforcement of the rules.

It has called for an "overarching strategy" to provide guidance on the standard of evidence required, which will ensure that judgements are applied consistently across the country.

James Hookham, FTA director of policy and communications said: "FTA is asking that national guidelines are issued to remove the risk of 'summary justice' being applied to generally subjective offences such as tailgating and being in the wrong lane, to avoid the postcode lottery of some offences being interpreted differently by different police forces."

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