FTA group united on 70mph speed limiters for vans

FTA group united on 70mph speed limiters for vans 13th June 2012

The Freight Transport Association's (FTA) Van Excellence Governance Group is set to appeal to van manufacturers to supply vehicles with the no-cost option of a 70mph speed limiter.

It follows a recent meeting of the group to discuss the topic, with members unanimous in their agreement that manufacturers should play their part in managing van top speeds, with a 70mph limit deemed appropriate.

The FTA group felt while the limit offered benefits from a legal standpoint, the restriction could also provide a boost to overall fuel economy, which in turn would help transport-reliant businesses.

They also noted that limiting the speed would not only reduce repair and maintenance costs when it came to MOT testing, it could also help lower driver stress levels.

Chairman Gary Whittam said that the decision was a sensible one, as it would be difficult to justify allowing vans to operate above the national speed limit.

He added: “Simply put, a van travelling at 80mph will be using significantly more fuel than one at 70. You don’t need a calculator to work out that at over £7 per gallon, that’s just burning money.

“Without exception manufacturers can easily limit the top speed of their vans. So the question is, why don’t they make limitation the default standard or at the very least a no-cost option?”

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Posted by Danielle Barge