Garages for clutter rather than cars, Continental report says

13th December 2012

Fewer than one in three motorists use their garage for keeping their vehicle in, research from Continental tyres has found. The garage is increasingly home to junk and clutter that has no place in the home.

The average cost of our accumulated belongings kept in the garage totals £2,808 – almost a quarter of the £11,157 average cost of a vehicle. However, the majority of us still keep one of our most valuable assets on a driveway or parked on the road, instead of securely inside a garage.

Spokesperson for Continental Tyres Tim Bailey noted how the phenomenon of a garage becoming an extra room has made us lose sight of how important secure parking is. Keeping our cars outside has also contributed to our negligence of making simple checks on our vehicles.

“With the car on the street we shun routine checks on tyre pressure, oil and water levels yet a few minutes a week on these will improve road safety, save money on fuel and reduce maintenance costs,” Mr Bailey said.

This is something that concerns Mr Bailey, especially in regards to how we understand our vehicles. A lack of knowledge about the inner-workings of our cars can increase safety risks.
The survey of 2,000 motorists with garages also found that one in ten motorists now conduct routine maintenance on petrol station forecourts and even in deserted car parks, due to not being able to fit the car in the garage.

Mr Bailey thinks the reason for this lies in a generational gap:

“40 per cent of us remember our father doing routine car maintenance in the garage, yet we don’t.”

Tools and garden equipment top the list of things kept in the garage, with boxes from a previous house move, bicycles, fridge/freezers, garden furniture and old gym and sports equipment also finding their way onto the top ten list.

In the average garage, more than a third of the space is taken up by various collections of stuff and only a quarter of the people surveyed conduct clearouts – and this typically only occurs once a year.

Almost one in five motorists has been forced to park their car outside the garage in the last ten years, due to the hoarding of arbitrary possessions and seasonal storage. The lack of space is leaving many frustrated.

The research also discovered that three in ten would rather keep unwanted boxes from house moves in their garage, instead of finding space in the house for them and making way for the car.

Meanwhile, almost half of us would like to turn the garage into another room of the house, but three in ten cannot bring themselves to actually clear out the space.


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Posted by Danielle Barge