Glow in the dark roads coming to the Netherlands this year

10th January 2013

Drivers will soon be able to know when they should be applying their car's brakes when journeying around a part of the Netherlands, with the introduction of new technology.

The first 'Smart Highway' in the country is set to open to the public in the middle of 2013, having been created by Dutch-based firms Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans Infrastructure.

Already the recipient of the Best Future Concept prize at the Dutch Designer Awards, the strategy makes use of hi-tech photoluminescent paint.

Once applied to tarmac, the paint is able to charge up during daylight hours, before glowing in the dark once the sun goes down.

Another interesting aspect of the technology, which could improve road safety across the Netherlands, is how the 'Smart Highway' makes use of temperature-sensitive road paint.

In theory, this particular paint monitors how cold the road surface is, displaying ice crystals once the temperature dips below freezing and warns drivers of slippery conditions ahead.

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