Hankook shows off e-cube Max range at IAA show

21st September 2012

Tyre manufacturer Hankook is displaying its latest e-cube Max line of tyres at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hanover between September 20th and 27th 2012.

The new rubber expands Hankook's current e-cube range, and the e-cube Max offerings will eventually replace the current lineup.

"E-cube stands for Energy, Efficiency and Environment," said Barrie Horrocks, Hankook Tyres UK sales director.

"E-cube Max is basically the next stage forward. Its development is linked to the labelling legislation; the rolling resistance qualities of the e-cube Max are improved over the standard e-cube products." The Max tyres also have an increased load carrying capacity compared with the regular e-cube, he added.

Hankook has employed several important technological additions to improve on the e-cube range. Spiral coil technology for the steering axle, three-dimensional kerfs for drive axle tyres, optimised rubber compounds and and Hankook's patented 'Stiffness Control Contour Theory' (SCCT) have all been implemented in the new range.

The manufacturer stated the advanced spiral coil technology improves belt durability, reducing rolling resistance and improving steering and rolling properties. The kerfs offer consistently high traction performance even in more advanced stages of wear and mileage, while the SCCT technology provides more stability and less movement.

Altogether it amounts to significantly increased carcass durability, excellent retreading capability and cost efficiency.

"Our new e-cube Max line-up is a logical addition to our e-cube series that is already very successfully established in the market and even surpasses it in terms of environmental friendliness and economic efficiency," stated Jin-Wook Choi, Hankook Tire president and CEO for Europe.

"As ecology and economy become an ever more decisive factor for purchase decision-making in the truck sector, our new tyre series has been developed with a special focus on sustainability and efficiency.

"In the long-term, only sustainable products that combine environmental friendliness with optimum efficiency will prevail in the market. This is one of the reasons why we continuously invest in research and development of our products to offer our customers modern tyre solutions at the highest technical level," he expanded.

The announcement follows Hankook's recent statement earlier this month (September 13th) that it will launch AA-labelled versions of its core products in 2013.

In accordance with the new EU guidelines, the South Korean tyre company revealed it had already tested its entire range of compounds to ensure they reflect the new legislation.

In addition, Hankook's latest winter tyre, the Winter i'cept RS, is tailored to the EU criteria.

The small and city vehicle tyre is optimised for the moderate climate of Western and Central Europe and the wet, snowy, slushy and dry road conditions commonly experienced in that region.

The tyre has four main grooves to optimise the draining of water from the road surface, in accordance with the EU's wet grip category, and also has a lengthened tread life and is designed to have a reduced noise output. 

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Posted by Danielle Barge