How to remove tree sap from your car

How to remove tree sap from your car 1st August 2014

When you park under large trees, sometimes you may come back to your car to find that is has had deposits of tree sap dropped on it. Unfortunately, this substance can be tricky to remove.

You can try to handpick the sap off your car but this can be very tedious. It is also quite risky to try to scrub it off your car as this can take some of the paintwork off. The longer you leave it, the more difficult it will be to remove. Luckily, there are ways to get the substance off your car.

As soon as you can, try giving your car a clean as you may be able to at least get the worst of it off before it dries. Of course, remember not to scrub too hard for risk of leaving lasting damage.

If this doesn't work, perhaps because the tree sap has already dried, then you will need to use other chemicals to try to get rid of it.

One solution that is often found in households and is useful for doing the trick is nail polish remover. Use cotton balls to dab it on to the affected areas and it should come off. But, again, do not rub too hard as you may end up taking the paintwork off. Follow up the process by washing any leftover residue off using baking soda and water.

You could also opt to buy some commercial car cleaning product to try to remove the tree sap. This method is perhaps the best as the product is designed to clean your vehicle without causing any damage to the exterior of your car. You can pick up this product from most automotive shops.

Once you have managed to get the tree sap off your car, finish off by giving your car a wash to get rid of any leftover substance and then a wax to repair the protective coat on your vehicle.

Posted by Danielle Barge