How to secure a roof rack

How to secure a roof rack 21st August 2014

Careful loading is key to making sure you get to and from a holiday destination safety. With many drivers likely to be travelling somewhere over the bank holiday weekend, getting a roof rack put on their car is one of the best ways to safely transport luggage around.

However, drivers should be careful when it comes to securing a roof rack. There are a few safety measures that should be in play when it comes to putting your roof rack in to make sure that your luggage and your rack do not fall off when you are driving. At worst, this could cause an accident. Here is what you need to know.

First and foremost, if your car does not come with a roof rack then you need to make sure that you purchase one that fits it properly. The rack has attachment points for where it hooks onto the car, which should line up with your vehicle's roof. If they don't, then expect scratches on your paintwork at best or for the whole thing to come off when you are driving at speed at worst.

Bear in mind too, that your luggage will be exposed to the elements. Therefore, if you have any goods that you don't want to get wet then make sure they are sealed in waterproof bags in case of any showers.

Make sure you check the maximum weight that the roof rack can take as well as that of your vehicle's to ensure you do not end up overloading. This could create more wind resistance, which in turn can cause lower fuel economy and a lot of noise. It could even cause your vehicle to topple over due to the added height.

As well as making sure your luggage is safely secured, you should also check to see if your vehicle is in good condition so that you can get to and from your holiday destination without any stress. At the moment, ATS Euromaster is offering a summer vehicle health check, where an expert technician will look over your vehicle and make sure it is ready to take on a long drive.

Posted by Danielle Barge