How to tell if it’s time to get your wheels aligned

How to tell if it's time to get your wheels aligned 29th August 2014

Without your wheels, your car is just a lump of metal. That's why you need to make sure yours are kept in good condition and properly aligned.

If your wheels are not aligned then this can cause a variety of problems for your car and driving in general. You will find it more difficult to handle your vehicle properly, fuel consumption will be increased and it will cause unnecessary wear and tear on your tyres to name just a couple of the issues.

However, you may not immediately realise if your wheels need to be aligned, which is why you should familiarise yourself with the signs that there is a problem.

One of the things you might notice if your wheels are misaligned is that the car will pull to one side even when you think you are driving in a straight line. Or you may be driving straight but find that your steering wheel isn't centred. You could also find that your steering wheel vibrates if you are driving with misaligned wheels.

When the car is stationary you can also look to your tyres for an indicator as to whether or not your wheels are misaligned. If the tyres are wearing unevenly then this is a sign that something needs to be done.

Should you find that you do need to get your wheels aligned then you should book into your nearest ATS Euromaster centre to have an expert technician sort this for you. The check to see if your wheels are properly aligned is free, you will only be charged if any work needs to be done.

Manufacturers will also recommend getting a wheel alignment service after a certain period of time. So if you know it has been a while since this aspect has been checked then look at your manufacturers' manual to see if your car is due this service.

It is much safer to drive a car with properly aligned wheels as it is easier to handle and is far kinder to your tyres.

Posted by Danielle Barge