Insurance company warns motorists against imported tyres

27th July 2012

Drivers planning to save money by purchasing imported tyres have been warned to avoid these compounds at all cost and opt for a reputable UK-based providers.

The advice was issued by motor insurance firm Be Wiser, which noted that these tyres are designed for use in warmer climates and may not even offer the correct grip for driving in Europe.

According to Tyrepress, the firm cited an unnamed but specific compound brand which is currently used in the Far East, labeling the designs as particularly dangerous with the potential to cause damage to cars and motorists in turn.

Such situations are set to become increasingly uncommon in mainland Europe from November, once compound retailers are forced to comply with new labeling regulations set to come into effect for all replacement tyres.

These rules will see compounds receive a grade for a variety of safety categories including fuel efficiency and handling in wet conditions.

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