Make sure your suspension is working well

Make sure your suspension is working well 29th July 2014

When going on a long drive this summer it is important to make sure that your car is working well. Yet over time your car will be damaged by wear and tear and some things can be more troublesome than others.

Your suspension is one area that can become damaged over time, particularly when travelling over uneven terrain, and can make driving much harder.

Things like potholes in the road and speed bumps can damage your suspension, particularly if you drive over them too fast.

You may notice if your suspension has been affected as the front of your car could start dipping when you brake. Such motions as this are uncomfortable for you and your passengers and could increase the likelihood of travel sickness.

When hit by sidewinds, you might also notice that your car sways from side to side more easily. This can be troublesome for you as it makes it more difficult to keep your car steady on the road.

This issue can get worse if it is coupled with problems with your handling, which can also suffer as a result of damaged suspension.

As well as these problems, there are also further driving hazards that can be caused if suspension is damaged.

For example, your chances of aquaplaning are increased when driving in wet conditions. This is because your suspension is needed to keep your tyres firmly on the road, if it is damaged then this will not work. The tyres are supposed to be able to disperse water around the tread but this is more difficult to do when they are not supported by the suspension.

If you have any doubts about your suspension then you should get it checked over by an expert technician. ATS Euromaster offers suspension checks and repair for this purpose.

Be warned, however, that suspension can wear gradually over time so you may not initially notice when yours has changed. In fact, you may have been adapting your driving style for a while without realising.

Posted by Danielle Barge