Memorable car moments revealed

2nd October 2012

Exiting the hospital with a newborn in the back of the car has topped a list of memorable driving moments.

The poll, which was conducted by Citroen, and questioned over 1,000 parents, revealed that the second biggest driving memory was taking a partner to hospital to give birth.

Marc Raven, communications director at Citroen UK, said: ""The results of this survey show just how much in common parents have with each other and the significant role the family vehicle plays in our lives."

Respondents suggested that setting off on the first family holiday was also a treasured experience, as it appeared third in the list of memorable trips.

The significance of car journeys seem to diminish as children grow-up, as only four per cent of those surveyed said that taking their child to university for the first time was notable. 

Perhaps surprisingly, just three per cent of respondents remembered taking their child on their first driving lesson.

Drivers who are caught driving while using a mobile phone and those driving through a red light will be offered a new course run by Derbyshire police and the Casualty Reduction Enforcement Support Team (CREST).

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