Motorists urged to lookout for flash for cash schemes

27th August 2013

Drivers in the UK may be well versed in the dangers of the cash for crash scams unscrupulous motorists have been employing to stage collisions and pick up insurance payouts.

However, a new scam is hitting the UK roads and follows a similar pattern, with a slight difference; flash for cash.

This involves a motorist appearing to be courteous and flash their lights to allow another driver to join traffic, before continuing on and ploughing into them, knowing that it will be their word against the other person's.

It is very difficult for a driver to prove they were given the right of way, which makes it easier for the other party to make a large, often excessive, insurance claims.

In a bid to prevent the scam from spreading even further and causing more damage to unsuspecting motorists and their vehicles, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has offered some helpful tips and advice.

The organisation encouraged drivers to look ahead and anticipate hazards in the road, which will ensure collisions of this nature are avoided. It also recommended drivers that are flashed out of a junction, thank the other party, but wait until the road is clear.

It also provided advice if drivers find themselves involved in a crash, urging them to keep careful notes, take discrete images of the vehicles and people involved and call 999 if the motorists is suspicious of the circumstances that led to the collision.

IAM chief examiner Peter Rodger said: "Flash for cash scams are costing millions of pounds through our insurance premiums, and some are so reckless that they risk lives. Collisions are stressful and emotionally draining, but it’s important to be prepared in case you are involved in one."

The Asset Protection Unit (API), which helps the police and insurers investigate fraud, believes that criminals conducting this activity are targeting vulnerable people, such as single females on the school run.

This is because they believe there will be little resistance or argument at the scene as the children will be upset and the mother will want to end the situation as quickly as possible.