New laws set to change the manufacturing of electric and hybrid vehicles

8th February 2013

A vote has been cast in favour of electric and hybrid vehicles in the UK being fitted with an artificial noise system, so that pedestrians can hear their approach.

The poll was carried out on Tuesday (February 5th) by the European Parliament, with the regulation now just needing approval by the European Union Council to come into effect across the UK.

The introduction of the regulations has been backed by Guide Dogs for the Blind, which has been campaigning that a car which is very quiet or indeed totally silent is a threat even when travelling at low speeds.

Richard Leaman, chief executive of Guide Dogs for the Blind, pointed out: "People with sight loss rely on hearing noise from cars and vans to identify a safe gap in the traffic to cross a road.

"This change will make our roads safer and help protect not only blind and partially sighted people, but pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users."

Vehicle manufacturers could be required to heed the new rules regarding the design of electric and hybrid cars by the end of this year.

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