Only buy tyres from a trusted technician

Only buy tyres from a trusted technician 23rd April 2014

Changing your tyres can be costly but when they are the only point of contact between the car and the road, therefore playing a big part in safety, it is absolutely necessary that the driver has made the right choice.

Nevertheless, a number of vehicle owners appear to choose affordability over functionality whether consciously or not. This is according to research by LV= insurance, which found that 1.5 million drivers have purchased substandard tyres since 2009.

The reason for this is that a number of drivers have bought part-worn tyres without checking whether or not they were from a reputable dealer.

Purchasing part-worn tyres is one way of saving money for a number of drivers, particularly as many have been struggling with disposable income since the global recession of 2009. Indeed, 23 million part-worn tyres have been sold since 2009 but 26 per cent of these did not meet legal safety requirements.

While some drivers will have bought these tyres in error, they still run the risk of a driving offence if unsafe tyres are on their vehicle. Those who are caught driving with tyres that do not meet legal requirements could be subject to a fine of £100 as well as three points on their driving license for every tyre that this applies to.

Police have also been catching more people who do not drive with appropriate tyres. LV= insurance sent Freedom of Information requests to 51 constabularies in the UK to ask how many drivers had been pulled over between 2009 and 2014 for driving a vehicle with defective tyres. It found that the number of drivers who had been pulled over for this offence had increased by nine per cent overall since 2009.

Managing director of LV= Car Insurance John O'Roarke said: “In the current economic climate, motorists are understandably looking to cut costs wherever they can and buying quality, used tyres is one way to do this. Unfortunately some second-hand tyres sold do not meet the legal safety requirements and are not fit for the road, putting motorists at risk of a criminal conviction or worse. Those looking to buy part-worn should look for reputable dealers that work in accordance with the British Standards Institution, which ensures all tyres sold meet the minimum requirements.”

Visiting expert technicians at ATS Euromaster is one way to find out if your tyres are safe. You can go to one of their centres across the country for a free tyre safety check, which will help you to determine if your wheels are roadworthy. If it turns out that they are not, then the technicians will be able to advise you of what tyres to change to based on your vehicle, needs and budget.

By following this method, drivers will be able to obtain tyres that they can be certain will meet their needs when on the road. Additionally, buying tyres from new is more likely to ensure that they will last longer and be perfectly suited to what you need them to do.

Posted by Danielle Barge