Potential damage to belts and hoses in summer

Potential damage to belts and hoses in summer 31st July 2014

With the weather getting increasingly warmer, this is great news if you are planning a day out but bad news in terms of what it can do to certain parts of your car.

Among the areas that could be in danger of sustaining damage this summer are the belts and hoses in your vehicle.

As these connect to your engine, they are vital for making sure it does not overheat. Warm weather means the chances of your engine overheating are higher, particularly if the coolant is not being pumped around the system properly.

For this reason, you ought to look over the belts to make sure that none of them have snapped, while the hoses need to be checked over for cracks, leaks and loose connections. If you notice that the hose clamps have loosened somewhat then be sure to retighten them. Conduct this inspection when your engine is off.

Over time, hoses deteriorate due to electrochemical degradation, which eats at the tubing from the inside. Signs that this is happening is if the hoses are unusually soft. They are most vulnerable nearest the clamps, where it connects to the engine or the radiator.

Similarly, the belts are likely to get damaged over time and the chances that they will fail rises dramatically after approximately 36,000 miles.

Adding to this, fluctuating temperatures and humidity can also lead to damage to your belts and hoses. Unfortunately, this is a pretty staple part of summer and so the trouble that UK weather can cause is not easy to avoid. You are especially at risk as your car gets older and its parts become more worn.

To make sure all your important vehicle parts are in good working order, it is worth going to your nearest ATS Euromaster centre for a summer vehicle check. Here an expert technician will be able to help you if anything is amiss.

While you will want to make the most of summer with days out and vacations, you certainly do not want them cut short by being caught out at the roadside.

Posted by Danielle Barge