Pothole compensation claims soar

Pothole compensation claims soar 7th May 2014

Drivers across the UK are increasingly placing compensation claims for the damage done to their car as a result of poor road conditions.

As the UK faced one of the wettest winters on record, with areas in the south of England having been hit by severe flooding, the roads faced significant damage. The government also set funding aside to deal with the amount of potholes created, however it will take some time for this help to filter through.

In the meantime, potholes.co.uk has noted that there has been a swell in drivers wanting compensation for the damage that has been done to their suspension, axel or wheel alignment by holes in the road.

Somerset, one of the counties most affected by the flooding, saw a 750 per cent rise in compensation claims due to damage done to vehicles. Surrey County Council has been facing a 353 per cent rise in claims while Dorset has seen a 127 per cent increase.

To deal with the amount of potholes until they can be fixed, and help lessen the chances of people having their cars damaged as a result of poor road surfaces, it has been suggested that new road signs be put in to warn drivers.

Potholes.co.uk has unveiled a design for temporary signs that could be used along stretches of road where there are a high number of craters in the road. It is a red warning triangle containing an image of a road with a pothole in it and an exclamation mark. Underneath the warning triangle is another sign with the words 'caution' and 'potholes ahead' displayed.

Managing director for Warranty Direct David Gerrans said: “If road signs can warn of falling rocks from above then why not craters from below? The average bill for pothole damage now runs at £247, so a sign only needs stop a couple of incidents to justify the expenditure. The embarrassment will be for the Government in just how many signs need to be put up.”

Posted by Danielle Barge