RAC warns of ‘clocked’ car dangers

15th March 2013

The RAC is warning motorists of the dangers of buying a clocked car.

Clocking, which refers to the illegal practice of adjusting a vehicle's mileage to hide how many miles a car has travelled, often also means that dealers will charge more money for the car than it is worth.

However, this can hide defects and vehicle wear and tear, which could be a real safety risk.

David Bizley, technical director of the RAC said that such cars could be missing vital MOT checks, and could be harbouring hidden dangers.

"It's always wise to get an independent vehicle inspection done and conduct a vehicle history check for added piece of mind," he explained.

As well as being potentially hazardous to drive, second hand cars which have been clocked could end up costing a large amount of money to repair, especially in the long term, meaning it is essential to have these vehicles checked as soon as possible.

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Posted by The dangers of buying a clocked car have been explained by the RAC.