Regent Street to host motor show

17th October 2012

Car enthusiasts looking for a cheap day out may want to consider visiting the Regent Street Motor Show, which is set to take place in the capital on Saturday 3rd November.

The area will be closed to normal traffic, allowing visitors the chance to explore the show at their leisure.

Those interested in vintage cars will no doubt enjoy the Veteran Motoring section of the show which will play host to more than 100 machines from before 1905.

Visitors more interested in the future of motoring will be able to view the latest prototype cars and see into the future with a look at the new advances in motoring technology.

If you would prefer to take an active role in the day, the organisers have arranged test drives in the live area of the show.

Anyone who hasn't had their fix of motor shows may want to attend the NEC Footman James Classic Motor Show, which takes place between the 16th and 18th of November, and is the largest and most popular classic car show in the UK.

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