Report: 4 x 4 prices on the rise in run-up to winter

13th October 2011

Britons planning to acquire a 4 x 4 vehicle have been urged to do so soon after new research revealed that prices are rising rapidly in the run-up to winter.

British Car Auctions (BCA) has published a new study which shows that the average value for all 4x4s sold by the firm has risen sharply in recent months, with prices now reaching the peaks recorded in January and February this year.

In September, the average price of four wheel drive vehicles rose to £12,805 from £12,509 in August. In July, the average 4 x 4 price was £10,381.

"For many motorists – particularly those living in rural or remote areas – a 4 x 4 is becoming a necessity in winter, rather than a luxury", said Tim Naylor of BCA.

"Although we had an unusually warm September, prices have already started rising and the first hint of snow and severe winter conditions could see significant demand for all-weather vehicles which will send values sky high."

Mr Naylor added that it is essential to check that the vehicle has a comprehensive up-to-date service history before purchase to ensure all parts of the car, including its 4 x 4 tyres, are able to handle the demands placed upon them. 

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