Roads minister announces changes to Driving Standards Agency

20th June 2013

Roads minister Stephen Hammond has announced the merger of the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and the Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA) – a change that will significantly impact motoring services throughout the UK. Starting next year, the DSA and VOSA will operate as a single agency.

Mr Hammond assures drivers and fleet operators the merger will make vehicle testing more efficient, streamlined and straightforward. He also added that no drop in quality will occur during the interim period.

“These changes will put customers at the heart of the services they rely on and allow for a more coherent approach to service delivery. By bringing testing and standards services into a single organisation, we will make life easier for customers and potentially reduce the feeds we charge," Mr Hammond added.

The announcement follows a call for widespread reform issued by many fleet managers, agencies and transportation executives.

Already, driving schools and instructors have spoken out in favour of the changes, saying: "There are too many different organisations involved in the same area at the present time so I fully support any re-defining – as long as the focus remains on maintaining and delivering one of the safest road systems in the world."

Widespread support is also present throughout the transport and logistics sector. Local governments, businesses, and private car owners seem to agree that the government’s vision for collaboration and improved efficiency will benefit their operations, as well as the automotive industry as a whole. Many are confident that the changes will improve convenience for customers and businesses alike by cutting red tape and reducing waiting periods.

A transitional board, led by VOSA chief executive Alistair Peoples, will assist in building corporate infrastructure.

DSA and VOSA’s services include issuing licences and providing accredited training. VOSA also supervises the MOT scheme.

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