Robotic driving strategy trialled on a Nissan Leaf

15th February 2013

Motorists may be able to simply power up their iPad tablet computer and then sit back and watch as their car gets from A to B in the years to come.

A team of scientists from Oxford University have trialled its state-of-the-art technology RobotCar on a specially adapted Nissan Leaf electric car.

The strategy functions with the assistance of two stereo cameras, which act as the vehicle's eyes, and a set of lasers that map out a 3D structure of the environment and the car's location on the road.

With all of these gadgets in place and operational, a journey effectively can be recorded and saved onto an iPad.

As such, drivers can select these set routes at a later date, with the car then offering to take control of the driving and travelling the exact same route without any trouble.

Safety is also guaranteed through an additional laser, which scans an area 164 feet ahead and at 85 degrees wide 13 times a second. The vehicle will then automatically brake if an obstacle is recorded.

Project leader professor Paul Newman, from Oxford University's engineering science department, acknowledged: "It's easy to imagine that this kind of technology could be in a car you could buy."

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