Summer driving tips

Summer driving tips 28th August 2014

Summer may be drawing to a close now but there is still time to go for a drive out, especially as the warm weather continues into September. Just make sure you can get the best out of your trip and follow our advice on how to make sure it runs smoothly.

First of all, remember to plan your journey carefully. Make sure you know the route you are going to take or that your SatNav has found the right place. You do not want to get caught out in an area that you don't know, trying to figure out where you are meant to be going while navigating an unfamiliar road system with road signs that may take you by surprise. In particular, large cities are the worst for this.

If you have a long journey ahead then plan for regular stops to stretch your legs and get a snack or a meal. This is a vital point as it will keep your energy levels up and stop you from feeling fatigued while you are behind the wheel. For that matter, make sure you have had plenty of sleep prior to your journey and have some water with you to drink.

As well as getting yourself in order, it is also important that your car is doing well. Therefore, make sure you do some important checks before you set off on a long journey. These should help to keep you safe on the road, ensure that you do not expose your vehicle to any unnecessary wear and tear and make sure you maintain good fuel economy.

First of all, it is important to check that your tyres are in good condition as they are the only part that comes into direct contact with the road. Make sure there are no lumps, bulges or tears and ensure the tread is deep enough. You can do this by inserting a 20 pence coin into different points of the central three quarters of the tyre – if you see the outer band anywhere then your tread is too shallow. Make sure your wheels are aligned properly too as, if they are not, this can cause unnecessary wear to your tyres.

If your car has aircon then you will no doubt want to use it fairly frequently while on your travels as your car acts like a mini greenhouse for trapping heat. Therefore, you may want to get it serviced if you have not done so for a while. You should get your aircon recharged with gas and lubricant every two years to make sure it runs efficiently. This is because over time the system permeates gas, which means your car will have to work harder to keep it running and will take up more fuel.

Just to make sure you have not missed any problems with your vehicle, you could book it in for a summer health check at ATS Euromaster. As well as inspecting your vehicle, you will be given a litre of oil that an expert technician will use to top up your engine and leave you the rest to take away.

Posted by Danielle Barge