The archetypal British motorist outlined

22nd January 2013

Motorists have been provided with an outline of a typical driver in the UK over the course of a lifetime, with the statistics recorded provided interesting and sometimes shocking findings.

Skobbler, which is the developer of the iPhone satnav app GPS Navigation 2, has commissioned the research after analysing the driving habits of 2,000 motorists across the nation.

Everything from what a typical driver gets up to when behind the wheel to how much they strive to keep their beloved vehicle in tip-top shape were all considered throughout the study.

Once the analysis was complete, it was concluded that the average motorist in the UK will clock up a total of 269,296 miles over their lifetime.

What happens over these miles?

During their time behind the wheel, the typical British driver will spend the equivalent of 384 days listening to the radio and another 337 days playing their own music in an attempt to make driving more entertaining. What's more, the archetypal motorist will go one step further and sing their favourite tunes 4,104 times.

Of course, it is never always a smooth ride when behind the wheel, as is evident by the fact that motorists will swear 323 times at other road users and beep their horns at 62 cyclists in frustration.

Even with the increased use of satellite navigation devices, the typical driver will also get lost on 371 separate occasions.

If it not driving around in circles, motorists can expect to get stuck in a traffic jam almost ten thousand times during their lifetime, and pull over at a petrol station to top up their vehicle's fuel tank 2,214 times.

Typical motorist known to break the rules

Skobbler's research went on to reveal that the model British driver will also break the rules of the road from time to time.

In fact, each motorist in this country will jump 87 red lights, make 1,992 phone calls and check emails and texts on their smartphones over a thousand times. Furthermore, 51 speeding tickets and 62 parking tickets will also be collected by the typical motorist in the UK over their lifetime.

Marcus Thielking, the co-founder of Skobbler, believes that there is no reason why these particular numbers should be so high.

He explained: "There is no excuse for behaviour such as jumping red lights, tailgating fellow motorists or cutting people up.

"Being a motorist involves a lot more than just driving and whilst we all try to be sensible drivers it would seem we are all guilty of a few misdemeanours, whether it's speeding or using our phones illegally."

The highs and lows of car maintenance

It is only natural that a vehicle will break down from time to time, but Skobbler has attempted to paint an accurate picture of how many times a motorist can expect to hit a problem with their beloved car from the time they gain their driver's licence.

According to the technology firm's research, the archetypal British driver will suffer two flat tyres while out on the road, have to check their car's oil and tyre pressure 233 times and feel the need to top up their vehicle's screen wash 185 times.

Mr Thielking underlined: "This research shows we do spend an awfully long time in the car and many motorists will conduct a lot of their other business in their vehicle."

Tips to better maintain a car

Road safety organisation and breakdown cover company GEM Motoring Assist has been on hand recently to offer motorists advice on how to better maintain their beloved vehicle in the new year.

The firm encouraged drivers to take time to pick the best breakdown cover for their needs. This includes possibly opting for a policy that covers the motorist and not the vehicle should a problem arise while out on the road.

On the topic of breakdowns, drivers are also advised to pack an emergency kit complete with a high-visibility jacket, warning triangle and torch, so that people are prepared for the unexpected.

David Williams, the chief executive of GEM Motoring Assist, commented: "We want motorists to start the new year afresh by taking good care of their car and getting it in order now, to help make 2013 a much easier ride."

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