Things to watch out for on country roads

Things to watch out for on country roads 22nd July 2014

In summer it is natural to want to take your car out to explore the countryside of the UK. Perhaps you will be travelling to a relatively untouched spot down a range of country roads.

While getting to such a location can feel like an achievement, your car may feel a little differently. Sometimes, barely used roads can be littered with hazards that can be damaging to your vehicle. If you are planning to drive some backcountry roads then it is important you understand what you must do if your car gets damaged.

First off, it isn't surprising for such roads to be looking a bit worse for wear, which means you run the risk of driving over some hidden potholes. A particularly strong jolt from one of these can throw out your wheel alignment. On top of that, it can also affect the structural integrity of your tyres; keep an eye out for lumps, bulges and tears to see if this applies to you.

If you do find damage on your car then it is worth booking in for a pothole buster service to get tracking and wheel balancing fixed as this is not a simple task to complete on your own.

Even if the roads are in good condition, you may still find trouble if your car is not. The danger of travelling on country roads is that if something goes wrong, such as you break down, then you may be waiting a long time before someone is able to stop and help because they are so secluded.

Of course, it is very important to make sure that you have some breakdown cover sorted before you go on such a road trip, just in case. Even so, it is best to make sure your car is in good condition to make sure the chances of a breakdown are considerably reduced.

You could take advantage of the free vehicle health check that is being offered at ATS Euromaster, where a technician will check your car over for you.

Posted by Danielle Barge