Thousands of children march for road safety

12th June 2013

Today, June 12th, more than 100,000 children throughout the UK will march for road safety as part of Brake’s Giant Walking Bus campaign. The road safety charity’s initiative urges motorists to slow down to below 20mph or under when in close proximity to shops, residential areas and schools. In addition, the event seeks to promote health benefits of walking and create a safer environment for pedestrians.

Brake says Britain needs safer pavements, paths and crossings. Every weekday, 23 children are struck while walking or cycling to school, four of which are permanently injured or killed.

Deputy chief executive of Brake, Julie Townsend, expressed concern for children who walk to school, saying many parents are forced to drive them instead as a safety measure. She added: “We need to make it easier for [parents] by making roads safer for children and people of all ages, to help kids have the fun, active childhood they deserve – and a proven way to do this is to reduce traffic speeds.”

More than half of Brits sympathise, saying their route to school needs to be made safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

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Posted by Brake’s Giant Walking Bus event will be held today, with over 100,000 kids taking part.