Three quarters of drivers underestimate green tyre fuel savings

10th September 2012

New research from chemical firm Lanxess suggests a massive 77 per cent of drivers underestimate the fuel savings offered by green tyres.

The company has launched a new app showing motorists exactly how much cash, fuel and carbon different tyres can save them based on the car they drive, their annual mileage and their driving style.

The app asks users to input information about their driving before cross-referencing data from the University of Munich to establish how much they could save.

Lanxess' poll of 3,000 UK motorists also found 70 per cent were still unaware of the EU's incoming tyre labelling legislation, while almost all (99 per cent) underestimate the impact tyres have on their fuel bill.

Some 85 per cent also don't know about more fuel efficient tyres, the survey found. 

"The results of our survey demonstrate that the motoring community is not yet ready and needs an easy and accessible way to understand the impact different tyres can have on their wallets and carbon footprint," Kim O'Connor, MD of Lanxess (UK), told

He added that the success of the new labelling system will hinge on the drivers' awareness and willingness to implement it.

The EU's new tyre labelling scheme will be introduced from November 1st 2012, at which time all car, van and 4×4 tyres in the EU must by law display a label showing values for three key criteria.

These are fuel efficiency/rolling resistance, wet grip/braking distances and external noise. The EU's argument is that this information will allow consumers to make more informed decisions about which tyres they should purchase. It will also promote safer, more fuel efficient and environmentally-friendly tyres.

However, the Lanxess survey suggests drivers are unconcerned about the label and its implications.

"For many drivers tyres are just a purchase made out of necessity, with little insight into the costs and performance in use," Vanessa Guyll from The AA told

"Tyre labelling will enable them to make much more comprehensive decisions beyond price and size, but so far we’ve seen little interest," she expanded.

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Posted by Danielle Barge