Trading standards must target rogue tyre traders

11th June 2012

Tyresafe has reiterated its call to deal with the growing problem of part-worn tyres being sold despite failing the current safety requirements for compounds in the UK today.

The compound safety group has long campaigned for the introduction of stricter rules in the tyres market place, warning motorists of the potential dangers presented by their use.

But despite these warnings, the charity revealed that there were over 1,200 road casualties in the UK last year as a result of illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres.

Commenting on the findings, Tyresafe chairman Stuart Jackson called on Trading Standards to step up its efforts to crack down on the sale of illegal tyres.

“TyreSafe fully understands the budgetary pressures felt by many public sector departments but we would still urge Trading Standards offices to prioritise whatever resources they have to tackle rogue traders who continue to flout the law by selling illegal part-worn tyres,” he said.

The compound group currently offers a range of new resources offering advice ensuring you avoid these dangerous tyres, with information available at

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Posted by Danielle Barge