What to do when you lose your keys

What to do when you lose your keys 10th July 2014

It is every driver's worst nightmare to come back to their vehicle, go to get their keys out of their pocket and find that they have gone missing. Or, as may happen as people enjoy their summer holidays, they have jumped into the swimming pool or gone for a swim in the sea but forgot that their keys are in the pocket of their shorts and now they are not working.

While many car issues can be off set by making sure your vehicle gets its annual service, lost keys are a problem you cannot really prepare for.

The question is, then, what to do? Luckily there are solutions if you find that your keys have gone missing or are not working.

Of course, it is always worth preempting the chances of losing your keys by getting a spare created for your car. Then if you misplace your keys or find that they aren't working then you can still use your car. It is important that you then get another key made to replace the one that is lost or broken.

Yet, getting a replacement key can be very expensive so getting in touch with your dealer may not be preferable.

First off, if your car is under warranty then you should check to see if your keys are covered here. Some dealers include lost or faulty car keys, which could be a real money saver for you.

If you do not have any warranty on your car or your keys are not covered as part of it then the next place that most people check is whether or not their insurance includes this. Many policies have lost keys as standard but it is important to check how much it will cost if you make a claim and what level of cover is provided.

It could also be worth looking up a locksmith as there are a number of those who can make new car keys. However, depending on how sophisticated your car key is may have an impact on whether or not the can help you. Generally speaking, the older the car then the more likely it is that they can make a new key.

Posted by Danielle Barge