Winter fuel prices set to fall, AA report reveals

23rd October 2012

Motorists who are concerned about the rising cost of petrol will be pleased to hear that prices are set to drop.

In its Fuel Price Report, the AA has stated that the cost of fuel is set to fall by up to 4p per litre "in the coming weeks".

According to the organisation, the increase in stockpiles of petrol and a drop in demand Stateside have pushed wholesale prices down.

Transparency over the wholesale price of petrol is the key to reasonable pricing at the pumps, the AA's president Edmund King has suggested.

"Making public the general movements in the wholesale price of petrol and diesel over a week will indicate to drivers and business whether retailers will or should shortly be lowering or raising their prices", he said.

Mr King's suggestion comes in the wake of an announcement by the Office of Fair Trading that it will be opening an inquiry into concerns over unfair competition at petrol pumps.

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