Don’t cut back on tyres, urge police

5th January 2012

Humberside police have called on drivers across the UK to regularly replace car tyres rather than try and save money by keeping potentially dangerous compounds.

The call comes after a survey conducted by police in the region found that 18 per cent of cars had insufficient tyre tread depth.

This was some way above the national average of 12 per cent and comes despite recent campaigns across the UK calling for drivers to regularly check compounds.

Speaking in an interview with, casualty reduction officer for Hull PC Keith Ward called on more drivers to replace balding compounds.

"In this time of austerity, services are going out of the window, but I would ask drivers not to cut back on tyres. They are our contact with the road," he said

PC Ward made the comments during a crackdown on drivers with damaged tyres, with warnings being issued to repair compounds within two weeks or face a court summons.

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