1 in 7 motorists refuse to buy tyres until they’re failing MOT

13th December 2011

A worryingly large percentage of Britain's motorists put off buying new tyres until their existing set are so worn out that they would fail an MOT check.

That is according to the latest research by VanRental.co.uk, which suggests 14.6 per cent are happy not to replace their tyres until they either fail an MOT or are flagged as illegal during a garage service.

Furthermore, 47.8 per cent admit they will wear their tyres all the way down to the legal minimum tread depth requirement of 1.6mm before replacing them, even though research shows that braking distances are affected once tread depths fall below 3mm.

Roland Head, of VanRental.co.uk, expressed alarm at the "casual attitude" of British drivers uncovered by the survey.

"Your tyres are the only thing that keeps you in control of your car, yet many motorists only pay attention to the condition of their tyres when the law forces them to," he said.

According to the research, nearly a third (29 per cent) of motorists check the pressure of their tyres less than once a month, while 6.5 per cent claim to never have done so.

Posted by Danielle Barge