3.7 million vehicles could fail MOT test, according to Tesco research

28th February 2012

A worrying number of vehicles could be driving on UK roads despite being deemed un-roadworthy by the current standards governing MOT test regulations.

That is according to the latest figures produced by TescoCars.com, which highlighted the concerning number of vehicles in need of MOT testing.

The research indicates there are currently 3.7 million cars on UK roads that are un-roadworthy by VOSA standards.

Missing brake lights are one of the biggest problems, with the number of instances of damages to lights rising by 68 per cent since 2010.

In any instance of non-functioning brake lights, drivers would received receive penalty points alongside a £60 fine.

The company's research also revealed there were around one million vehicles with at least one non-functioning headlight.

Commenting on the findings marketing manager Rebecca Ryan admitted her concern at the alarming number of cars that are missing important safety features.

"We urge solo-commuter drivers to regularly check their lights are clean and functional, perhaps with the help of a colleague or family member," she added.

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